Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My Beliefs

I wrote this back when I was writing more often.

I hate the assumption made that I don’t believe in anything. I believe in a lot more than I ever have before, and I think that should be put out there in the open.
I believe in people. I believe in humanity and that we can be better than we are. Not that we should progress and keep building more and more inventions, but that we know how to take care of one another and that most of us will. I believe that people are a kind species and that we are born innately good (for the most part). I think that people look to God and religion to show them a way to do good for others because they feel a need to help their fellow man. This alone proves to me that we can get better. Unfortunately, a nasty side effect of religion is war. Controversies have led to bloodshed over the years. But I think this is greed for power brought on by a sense of righteousness that was brought out by gods.
I believe in science. I believe that science is making progress toward explaining so many questions that many of us haven’t even thought up yet.
We are an amazing species, but instead of looking to ourselves and the world around us, we argue that there has to be something more. We cannot even come close to understanding what’s right here in front of us. Why do we need to invent gods to explain as well? It gives us a crutch. It gives people a reason for why things happen. It also gives some people a way to escape responsibility. If God says it’s okay in the Bible to judge and to be hateful toward someone not like you, that makes it okay, right? If that’s the reason to believe in a god, I’d rather believe in humanity. There are miraculous things happening all around us and we are the ones doing them.
I believe in love. I believe in the power of music. I believe in the power of the human mind and the human heart and the human body. And I believe these are more powerful than any god that any organization would have us believe in.

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