Saturday, February 1, 2014

Looks Like I've Still Got Time

So I guess since baby girl has decided she's never going to come out, I still have time to write something. I have been incredibly slack looking at my past posts. Can I blame this on pregnancy and exhaustion? I'm probably going to. I haven't managed to do much worth writing about thus not writing.
For the record, I have tried to convince TM that it's time to go. Every old wive's tale that wouldn't hurt her has been tried:
~Hot showers
~Rolling around on an exercise ball
~Spicy food
~Foot Massage
~Evening Primrose Oil
~Clary Sage Essential Oil

She's just not ready to see the snow I guess. So for now, under doctor's orders, I've stopped trying to convince her. The midwife told me for my own health and sanity (not so much for TM's sake) that I need to stop stressing and just let her hang out there until she's ready. Today was day 2 of not trying anything. And I guess it was nice to just relax a little. And I guess writing is good for stress.

Not sure where this post is going to be completely honest, but I felt like I needed to write one more time before she comes. Which she will. One way or another.

I guess I could give you a heads up on what future posts I may eventually write. I've started a few of them, but either haven't completed the project or haven't felt like writing the post itself. Let's see.
Things you have to look forward to reading about from me when I get around to doing/writing about them:
*Cloth diapering. This is a hard one because TM isn't here yet. The idea though is to write about how cost effective it turns out to be and how much of a pain it may be. I've got everything I need to do this and I'm lucky that my apartment has a washer and dryer so hopefully it won't be so bad.
*Using a Moby-Wrap. I don't know what I'm going to say about that. I'm sure once I'm using it, I'll have some great story about how I tried to wear her out to dinner and dropped a taco on her face or something.
*I'm crocheting things. Well, I'm starting them. And I'm pinning lots of ideas on Pinterest. (You can follow me if you want *click here for my Pinterest* -I'll try to get it up in the sidebar too!) I think I'm kind of understanding how patterns work and the idea is to eventually get an Etsy shop opened up. I actually created one. And a PayPal for it. But I have no items to put in the shop so I have to work on that part still.
*Maybe I'll write mine and J's wedding story. Man, it's been almost 2 months, and I have totally not written that. I really am slack.
*I'll probably write a really great birth story for you all to read. I'm sure it'll involve us going into the hospital while it snows. Because I should have her within a week or they'll induce and it shows no sign of the snow stopping. Ever.
*I also learned how to use my Crock Pot (it's amazing!) so I'll have to link some recipes in. Or, maybe I'll even make up some of my own and share those. Okay, they'll probably be links to someone's from Pinterest.

Man, and I haven't written up any of those. I guess I did have something to write about, if I had just not been so incredibly lazy. I'll work on that. Maybe. Well, I'll think about it while I'm laying in bed.

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