Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I am fully aware that I should be packing.

I have been told that already, but well I don't like it. I move once a year, sometimes more and ahhhhhh! I'm so tired of packing. I literally just pulled the last things out of the last boxes in February. That being said, we do have a lot already done. Though, a lot needs to be done yet. We have decided what furniture goes to Goodwill and what we are taking. We have almost all the books and DVDs and vinyl packed. Well, J has all of his stuff packed, I had to purchase my holds at work so those are not packed. Also, we went to spend the last of our credit at the used bookstore up the road, and I haven't packed that stuff either. Tonight is the night to do it though because tomorrow we head to SC before the move.
But I feel like I should update this before I'm not able to!
So we found a place to live which is awesome, of course. It's still a one bedroom because, well there are 4 of us including pets and we just don't need that much space. It has a washer and dryer though which is AMAZING because I hate laundry mats and I'm tired of dragging everything so far away. Although, I do fold clothes when I go. It also has a "sunroom." This is apparently like an enclosed balcony. We've already decided it will the book/plants room. Lots of sun and still blocked from the cold.
I always say I'll post pictures when I move, but that usually doesn't happen. So this time I'll say, maybe I'll post pictures when we move.
The trip is planned as far as stops (for overnight, even though I wanted to go straight through) and planning how far we'll drive each day. We have small coolers for each car so we don't have to make stops for food and also because it's difficult to find vegetarian options at fast food places.
We've also been told that we need to drink a lot of water in order to adjust to the altitude better so we've been doing that and have reusable water bottles for the trip. Thankfully it's been hot here this week so we've been craving water. But it would appear that today was 5 degrees where we will be going. Hmm. That's really cold.
But anyway, for your patience dealing with me not updating, here are pictures of what's going on in our house.
So this is me, not packing.
J packing things from the walls, including stickers!
The kennel we got for Miss Kitty's car ride. It's bigger than the dog kennel...
My adorable puppy (when she was still tiny). She's now 35 pounds of pure fluff, but you're welcome for the picture.

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