Monday, April 1, 2013

Big Things Happening!

So I was going to get on here last week and write a "graduation speech" because as of last Monday I'm finished with my Bachelor's in English! I'm just waiting on the physical paper to get to me so I'll probably write it when I get it so I can post a picture to go with it.
Last Tuesday night, though, I got a phone call for my second interview for a huge job move I've been trying to get. I was on edge the next couple days, waiting to hear something back. Fortunately, I was at work so I was distracted, mostly. Friday night, I got the news that I will be going to Denver, CO! I will be a manager at a store out there, and I really don't think words can even convey how excited I am. This will be a huge adventure and will get me out of the Southeast, which has been a somewhat secret/somewhat not-so-secret dream of mine. Not that I don't love it here, but I've lived in SC, NC, VA, GA, and worked in TN so I feel like I've seen enough of this part of the country. I've dealt with the hot and humid summers long enough and I'm just ready for something new.
The best part of this is that J will also have a job. He already moved to GA for me and this time, he won't have to job hunt so I won't be stressed about that.
Instead, I will be able to stress about how this move will go. It will go like this. We have 2 weeks to pack because we will head out on April 15th. We have 2 weeks to find somewhere to find somewhere that takes dogs and someone with pretty terrible credit. And I have 2 days off before my last day at my current store. I'll have 3 days off after my last day and before we need to move, but we'll be headed home to see my family before we head out. And I need to figure out how to take my cat on a 3 day journey. I think I'm getting a smallish dog kennel that has enough room for a litter box. I'm hoping that she proves once more just how amazing she is. She is really good in the car usually and tries so hard to be adaptable so maybe, just maybe, it'll be okay.
So since today is one of my two days off, I guess I should get packing. But when I'm not updating much, just know this is why. For once, I have a legit reason!

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